Happy New Year!!!


Okay so I’m a tad bit late with my New Year’s post can you blame me?  I was on the beach in Jamaica for New Year’s this year and we had no internet access at all.  It was actually super nice to be unplugged for awhile but I sure missed reading my fave blogs while I was gone.  And I actually really missed blogging too.  But we’ve been SO busy since we got back last Sunday that I really haven’t had a chance to sit down and write anything at all.  I’ve pretty much worked every day since we got home, except yesterday when I unpacked suitcases and started the mountains of laundry that we have lol. 

I have however made some New Year’s Resolutions this year that I’m hoping I will be able to keep.  Or at least attempt to keep.  They are my 13 of 2013.

1.   Blog at least once a week (My first week was a write off due to holidays but from here on out that is definitely my goal).
2. Do one Pinterest project a month.  I have a million things pinned that I want to try I might as well make it a goal lol.
3. Finish (ahem, start) Nora’s baby book before Baby Girl gets here.
4.  Read one new book per month.  I miss reading. I’m almost done my book for January and I will review it when I’m done J
5.  Lose my baby weight I know I haven’t even had Baby Girl yet but Paul’s Graduation Ball is 4 weeks after my due date and I want to look nice in a Ball Gown.
6.  Donate one bag per month to charity from our house.  Whether it’s my clothing, or Nora’s or Paul’s or it’s food for the food bank I just want to be able to give to charity.
7.  Start and finish both Jamaica scrapbooks (the one from our trip two years ago and the this year’s trip as well).
8. Move back home J And when I say back home, I mean back to my hometown. We know we are getting posted out west back “home” in the late spring/early summer. So I want to make sure that our move goes smoothly with an almost two year old and a one month old baby and a dog.  It should be fun, right??
9. Get more blog followers.  I don’t want to set a specific number on this but I do want to increase it J
10.Drink More Water!  I’m so bad for not drinking enough water and I’m noticing that being pregnant, I definitely need it.
11.  Be more positive.  Just in general.  I’ve noticed that I can be pretty negative in regards to certain areas of my life and I want to be a great role model for my girls and that includes being more positive.
12.  Start the “Card Challenge” with my mom and my sister again.  We were sending each other homemade cards every week.  And I miss doing that.
13.  Clean and organize all of the closets in our house.  It seems like all the closets are catch-all’s here.  We have two closets on the main floor that both house jackets and shoes and crap.  And Nora’s closet is still craft supplies and the office closet has random things in it.  So I would like to eventually organize every closet in the house so that they match the room that they are in lol.

So there you have it my 13 in 2013.  I will check in once a month with this list to make sure I’m keeping myself accountable.  Do you have any new year’s resolutions??

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  1. Good goals! They all sound achievable! :) I kept my list small because my head would explode keeping track of all those. But I know you've got this and for that more power to you! :)

  2. Yay for New Years resolutions! I went one step further this year and made short pans to achieve each goal. I doubt most of them will get done, but I'm hoping all of the financial ones and the house organizing one do.

  3. The card challenge is too cool. :)