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Harvesting Kale


Needing - my other half back home. He's away on a work trip. And Norabear misses him dearly. She's woken up every night since he's been gone crying for Daddy.

Reading - blogs. My blog reader is over 600 blogs unread right now. I just don't have time. But most of them actually interest me so I want to read them. I'm also reading The Happiness Project and I'm loving it s far.

Wearing - Skirts!!! Haven't you all heard - it's #skirtember. Two fellow bloggers, Kristen and Chantal (who I can't link to right now lol) had a challenge to wear a skirt every day in September. So far - I have worn a skirt for at least part of the day every day this month! Yay for challenges.

Picturing - a warm bubble bath with my book and no one crying for me. Maybe next week when Paul comes home but before he leaves again lol. Also picturing my long anticipated trip to see my SISTER!!! I may be a teensy but excited for this trip.

Expecting - an awesome birthday present. Only 19 shopping days left!!!

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  1. I find it so hard to keep up all the blogs I'd like to! I read a lot on my iphone or ipad, but find commenting hard (I need a keyboard!!) and I hate reading and not leaving a comment. I've tried to narrow down the number I read, but that's hard too.

    Isn't it tough when they want daddy? :( Kris has been working extra hours lately and Kale has been doing the same as Nora. It breaks my heart!

    Yay for birthdays!! And sister visits!!

  2. I just loved the Happiness Project! Are you liking it so far?