I am FINALLY doing my #Skirtember posts for this month :)  Go me - only a little bit late.

Linking up with Chantal from Scattered Seashells and Kristin from Kristin's Knook.

Day 1 - Calgary Trip
Blue ON Tshirt and Blue Jean Maternity Skirt

Day 2 - Black ON tank top, Gray and Blue ON skirt

Day 3 - Black ON tank, White maternity skirt (yes, I still wear my mat clothes - they're comfy!)

Day 4 is missing - we were driving from Calgary to Winnipeg - a 14 hour drive, I wore yoga pants.

Day 5 - Homemade skirt and Purple ON tank - super cute baby girl is in a pink onesie.

Day 6 - Black H&M top, Teal and Black Hi-Lo Skirt from Urban Planet

Day 7 - Coloured maxi dress from - Nora is sporting zebra jammies with Giraffey.

Day 8 - Roughriders game day - I still managed a smile even though we lost. Brown ON skirt, Green Saskatchewan Roughriders Jersey.

Day 9 - Pink H&M skirt, Mint Novae clothing sweater and Rue 21 heart tank underneath - please excuse my messy living room and the combat boots.

Day 10 - I guess I missed day 10... I'll have to check hubby's phone.

Day 11 - Green ON dress (it's strapless but with Annika still bf'ing - we always need to wear a bra lol)

Day 12 - Brown ON skirt and yellow and white ON striped top.

Day 13 and 14 - my photographer was away on a trip so I have no pics lol.

Day 15 - Church outfit!  Coral Jones New York dress.  One of my faves.

Day 16 - Black F21 leggings, and Teal tunic from H&M.

Stay tuned for next week's post!

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  1. I love that blue ON skirt from Day 2. So pretty! Thank you for linking up! I've taken a trip through Saskatchewan before. It was very...flat.

    Kristin :)