Well it's better late than never to get some posts up, right??  So here's a picture heavy Halloween post for you.  Nora decided earlier this year that she wanted to be "Punz" aka Rapunzel from Tangled.  When we were down in Georgia at the beginning of October we actually found the Rapunzel dress at the Cabbage Patch and then I found the wig on sale at Target.  Match made in heaven.  She still wears her dress and her Punz hair on a regular basis lol.  I love how much she loves to dress up.

At the PSP Military Family Halloween Party - with the kitty cat - fixing her hair lol.
The next three pictures are the progression of her seeing her boyfriend Owen lol.

Our little Kitty Annika on Halloween - I bought her costume at Costco on clearance for $4.00 three days before Halloween.  Best. Purchase. Ever.

Trick or Treating with our neighbors - Rapunzel, an Owl, and a Unicorn

And the girls with Annika in Daddy's arms.  For once, it was gorgeous on Halloween here, not too cold, AND NO SNOW!!  I remember having to wear a snowsuit under my costume growing up here.

All this candy collecting made the little kitty cat fall asleep lol.
Rapunzel walking down the street

Nora showing her friend her Ghost flashlight, bought that on clearance too, it lights up with flashing lights if you hold down the button.  Ghost now goes to bed with Nora every night.

Walking up to someone's house.  I love how long that wig really is.

After our outdoor trick or treating, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for hot chocolate and treats but we stopped off at one of the local malls first.  They had indoor trick or treating at most stores and they had a really cool haunted pirate ship area set up.  Nora had a blast going there too.  But I think her fave part of the night was seeing how much candy she got.  Or it may have been the ghost marshmallows Grandma put in her hot chocolate lol.

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