Ummmm it's December 7th already. What?!?! Where did the first week of this month go? I feel like I've been non stop on the go all month already and it's so not going to slow down at all. My in-laws are in town this week (wish me luck is all I can say). We have Christmas parties, pot lucks, dance, gymnastics and all sorts of things happening. Oh and did I mention that it's freaking cold outside???? It's minus 26 Celsius here right now feels like minus 37 with the windchill (-15F feels like -35F for my American friends). All I want to do is drink hot chocolate and snuggle under blankets lol.

So here are some pics of December so far

We have a mover. Who climbs into shelving units already.

Holly Joy our elf on a shelf came to live with us.

Sisterly love. Nora was teaching Annika to swing.

Chocolate covered popcorn. Sounds odd but it's oh so good.

Holly Joy reading to Nora's toys.

Some of our snow. It's snowed more since this picture. I hate shovelling. Actually I like it but not when it's so freaking cold.

Holly Joy hanging out in the shower.

Nora tried to decorate the tree. Also pictured is my homemade tree skirt. I love it.

I won this massive Mickey Mouse at the coffee break at the Military Family Resource Centre on Thursday morning. Nora and Annika love him. He's huge.

Hopefully I get some more down time to post this week. That's what having the in-laws here will help with, right????

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