So What Wednesday

Linking up over at Life After I Dew for some So What Wednesday action.

So what....

- if I have to blog from my iPad now because the only time I can do anything is at night while I'm trying to fall asleep.

- if I am living solely on Cherry Coke and chocolate. Teething is a tough time in this household.

- if I have a sore on my tongue from biting it so much this week. We have visitors.

- if I now have to censor myself on my blog because I'm afraid some friends and family that didn't know about my blog know about it now. Which sucks. But c'est la vie.

- if my two year old still doesn't always sleep through the night. Our house gets weirdly cold. I don't blame her.

- if I hate my house. It's military housing. With very little insulation. I can not regulate the temperature in this place. And that sucks when it's -35C.

- if I'm super stoked. My sister gets here in 10 days folks!!!! I can't wait to see her. And I'm also happy to report that we are horrible people and taught Nora to call Danie's bf 'Uncle' lol. It's super cute and Nora prays for him every night at bedtime.

That's all y'all. Happy Wednesday!

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