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So What…

- if I’m mostly done my Christmas shopping but I want to keep buying more?

- if I’m BEYOND excited for my sister to arrive home in 3 sleeps???  Seriously though, I know it’s only been since October that I’ve seen her but I really miss her and I can’t wait for her to see our house and see the girls and to just hang out with her.  We may have a girly night planned which I’m super pumped for too!

- if I don’t care about presents for me this Christmas.  I’m so much more excited about Nora and Annika this year.  Especially since Nora understands the whole Christmas thing a little bit better this year.  And she knows that it’s Baby Jesus’s birthday, she asked if there would be a cake for him.  It was adorable.

- if I haven’t gotten anything done in the past week.  We were entertaining.  I like the way that sounds lol.  My in-laws were in town and it was an odd visit as they weren’t staying with us (there’s no room in our military house for extra people) so they stayed with a family friend.  So I never really knew when they were coming or going.  Made things difficult for me but I’m learning to live with it lol.  And as much as this blog is my personal blog and I should be able to blog about whatever, I don’t know who in “family” reads this so I have to start watching what I say lol.

- if I haven’t gotten my etsy store opened yet.  I’m working on it.  My goal is to get things ready for the new year and hopefully get things going with it.

- if I’m excited for my sister to get here.   Oh wait, did I mention that already?  Well yea, I’m just a little excited lol.

Happy Wednesday y’all!!  It’s one week til Christmas!!!  Have you finished your Christmas shopping??

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  1. I am happy your sister is coming. And I feel the same about having to withhold a bit with the venting on my blog. I do know that a few family members read it. Someday I won't care and they might appear in a So What If post....Merry Christmas to you and your family

  2. The bad part about getting your Christmas shopping done early is wanting to buy more stuff! I finished up mine in October on Zulily and now I just want to keep buying more!

  3. I'm so excited for Christmas this year because my daughter understands it more! She loves the lights and decorations and that makes me happy!

  4. I'm having the same issue with Christmas shopping! I've totally gone over budget because I keep buying more stuff even though I've been done with shopping for 2 weeks.