Dayplanner Dilemma

I love day planners. And pens. And washi tape. And stationary. One might say I have a problem with it, or an obsession lol. Now that we are into 2014 I am having a minor meltdown. I don't have a day planner for this year yet.

Last year I used this:

My beautiful Erin Condren day planner. Unfortunately, I can't justify the price this year. Or the shipping to Canada. It's $39.95 to ship it here, on top of the $50.00 that the planner costs. No way. Last year, I had it shipped to my sister and I picked it up from her when I went to visit in October. This year I just wasn't on the ball and didn't order it in time.

I was going to make my own planner using the Arc notebook system from Staples. I just can't find any pages that I really love that will fit into this size though.

So right now I'm using the cheap one from Dollarama to tide me over. I am embarking on a new journey this January. I'm going to teach myself the basics of Photoshop so I can make the planner pages that I want. Wish me luck!! And if you have any pointers, please send them my way :)

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  1. That shipping price is outrageous!! I so long for an Erin Condren planner. For right now I am doing pretty well with my Target planner ($7). I do love a day planner as well.

  2. I am the same when it comes to planners... ADDICTED!! I am on my 3rd Erin Condren planner ( I ask for them every year for my birthday ha ha) but a friend of mine just got a super cute planner from Target and I was actually debating getting one too. Then I realized that is a tad crazy! GOOD LUCK!

  3. It costs HOW MUCH to ship an EC planner to Canada? That's ABSURD. Anyway, I got mine in August. I function school-year to school-year, not January to January :)
    Did you see these Emily Ley ones? I like them!
    Target also has cute planners.

  4. WOW. That shipping is outrageous! I bought an EC planner one year and I can't even justify the base price as is. Yikes.

  5. I got the planner from Target that I posted on Instagram, but dang...$40 to ship anything other than a car is just plain crazy.