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Welcome to another edition of So What Wednesday hosted by Shannon over at Life After I Dew.

- if Annika has decided she hates to nap.  And sleep.  It’s awesome.  Really.  It is. But she's a happy baby so it's all good.
- if life has decided to kick things up a notch – hubby is starting to fly this week on his course, that means all schedules are OUT the window.  Frustrating for me, exciting for him.  I’m trying to remember that he is happy about all of this lol.
- if I want a tropical vacation.  We are in the middle of another cold snap here and it’s just so dang depressing.  On the up side, I will hopefully be going to Georgia soon.
- if I haven’t done anything for me lately.  Okay, well this one I’m not too happy with.  I really want to make my dayplanner.  I want to craft.  I want to make cards.  I want to go to my dance class.  Unfortunately, sometimes I do not get what I want lol. Next week should be better.
- if I don’t always love my family (whether it’s mine or Paul’s).  I’m allowed to have days where I am frustrated with people.  And it’s not fair for certain people to get mad at me for being frustrated (how’s that for cryptic? Hahaha).
- if I don’t wear normal clothes on a regular basis – yoga pants are the uniform for Moms… right??  Please back me up on this.  At least I can kind of justify the yoga pants because I was a dance teacher, right?
- if I haven’t posted in a while.  Life got busy.  And my children stopped going to bed at a normal time, which makes things very difficult.  And we started watching Doctor Who. Which leads to this one…
- if we finished season 1 and 2 of Doctor Who already… and we only started watching it on Netflix over Christmas break.  We may have become obsessed.  And really, what's wrong with a little bit of the Doctor??

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Three cheers for Georgia! Love this list... even if there are frustrations for you with your husbands schedule. Story of our lives huh?! Haha.

  2. Yoga pants are also the uniform of grannies. That is about all I ever wear anymore

  3. There's nothing wrong with a little bit (or a lot) of the doctor ;)