Craft time with Nora

I really enjoy crafting with my little girl. It's always so much fun. In prepping for Valentine's Day, we decided to do a couple of crafts together. We started by making a bracelet for Nora. We used some pink beads that I bought at the dollar store and they came with the stretchy elastic band which was awesome. So I had her string the beads on and we did enough of the beads so that it would fit around her wrist and then I tied it in a knot for her and she had a blast doing it.

The second craft that we did was foam hearts and pom-poms. I put glue onto the heart where Nora told me to and we glued pom-poms on them. Then she used crayola markers to color on them as well and she's giving them to her Grandma and Grandpa for Valentines this year. For Nora's Nana and Pop Pop we decided to make a card to send them since they don't live here and she put sticker hearts all over a red card. I bought all the stuff from the target Dollarspot which is one of the most awesome places to go shopping for seasonal crafts.

Nora and Ariel smiling for the camera.

And as per usual you can see in the pictures, Ariel was helping us with our crafts today. Normally it's Cinderella or Rapunzel but Ariel got the lucky job. Finally what we did was our normal everyday craft that Nora loves, we painted using her easel so she did a couple of pictures that we will hopefully be able to frame in the near future.

My little Picasso

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