Monday's Tea Time

Welcome back to Monday's Tea Time!


It was a doozy of a weekend.  It really didn't feel like a weekend at all.  Paul was at work all weekend long (except for 3 hours on Saturday morning when I was at a Stampin' Up! meeting).  If we were having tea together right now, I would probably tell you how frustrated I am currently and how I'm trying SO hard not to be.  I understand that my husband is on course, and I understand that it's a very intensive course, but it still really sucks when he doesn't get his weekends because a - Nora and Annika (more Nora) don't understand why Daddy can't be at home to play with them and b - sometimes Momma needs a break.  Kudos to all you Moms out there who have deployed spouses or are single parents - I don't know how you do it.


I would tell you that I'm currently feeling like I'm not helping to provide for my family at all.  My maternity benefits end in about 5 weeks (but thank you Canada for providing me with benefits during an entire year after my pregnancy). And I'm not going back to work.  It's not worth it for me to find day care, find an awesome paying job and then have to possibly give it up in 8 months if we get posted.  And with that, I can't apply for any teaching jobs.  As a dance teacher, the "season" pretty much ends in May/June depending on when recital is, and then it doesn't start up until September.  And that means - no one will hire me for April and May and I can't apply to teach next year because we may be moving in October/November.  Oh the frustrations.  And the unknown.


I would also tell you how proud I am of Nora today.  It was parent observation night at dance.  To see her go from a teeny two year old who cried and didn't want to go into the classroom at the beginning of the year, to watch her march right into the class and sing at the top of her lungs to all the songs - totally and completely made my Momma heart smile. 


Enjoy your tea!!  Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to get Loretta into dance. Above and beyond the extreme cuteness that is little girls in leotards... they just love it so much! I'm super excited to see that evolution from "what is this?" to a little dancer pro :)