Monday's Tea Time

I've decided to start a new weekly "segment" on my blog called Monday's Tea Time.  I was going to call it Monday's Musings (but someone already uses that lol) and then I thought about something cute like Cup O'Coffee with Karen... but I don't drink coffee lol.  So Monday's Tea Time it is.  And basically - I'm going to talk to you like we are at Starbucks together enjoying a nice warm beverage of your choice (or a cool one if it's warmer where you are!)

If you were here I would tell you that it's been a frustrating couple of weeks.  And for really no good reason at all.  I think it might partially be the weather because I'm so tired of snow and winter.  I know that I live in Canada but jeepers, this has been one of the coldest winters on record since the '50's.  I just want some warmer weather so we could play outside.  I can't take Nora and Annika out when it's -35 with a windchill.  I would be so happy with temps that were around -10 right now.  That would be like a heat wave for us.  
I've been super snappy lately with everyone and everything.  I feel bad because I've been taking it out on Paul, and he's being a champ by putting up with me.  I just wish I  knew why I felt like this.  

I would tell you that Nora is almost potty-trained.  I'm so proud of her.  She only wears a pull up for nap time and bedtime now and when we go to dance class and gymnastics.  Most of the times when we come home from dance or gym she is dry, but I don't want the possibility of an accident yet because I'm not sure how she'd deal with that.  I'd tell you that I'm having a weird time dealing with other Mom's right now.  I've never been super competitive with Nora so it's weird when I say something about her potty-training and I'm met with statements about how much better other people's kids are doing than Nora and how the method we used isn't the right one.  I'm all for everyone doing what works best for their own children - BUT don't tell me I'm wrong.  And don't tell me I'm wrong with what I'm doing when my daughter can go out of our house in big girl panties and you've had to stay at home for two weeks because your child doesn't really talk yet and doesn't tell you they need to go and they have accidents all the time.  I did something right with what we did with Nora, but she's not your kid, she's mine, and I'm happy with her progress so quit raining on my parade.  (I get kind of worked up about this subject lol).

I would tell you that Paul bought me two new pairs of boots that became the subject of admiration/jealousy at Mom's group on Friday morning.  I'm lucky because I have a husband who thinks of me and the things I've said I wanted in passing.  So when we had some extra money at the end of January, he told me he wanted to buy me a pair of Hunter boots.  We went shopping for them and we happened to find an AMAZING sale and I was able to get two pairs of Hunter Boots and a pair of boot liners with fur trim for less than what I would have paid for to get one pair of boots with the socks (which frankly are quite necessary here lol).  But a certain Mom was like, can you afford that?  You guys don't have that much money.  You don't work at all.  F. You.  I do actually work - I teach dance twice a month at the preschool.  I sell Stampin' Up.  I sell handmade headbands and tutu's.  Who are you to judge me?  I don't judge you by your boots, in fact, I said that I really liked your boots months before I got mine and I didn't ask or question how you could afford a pair of Michael Kors boots.  It never even crossed my mind until Friday morning.  So yea, it's been a rough few weeks around here.  I'm hoping my Create mantra for February will help me keep my head above water and that it will be a happy and positive month for us.

Hope you enjoyed Tea Time - and if there's interest, maybe I'll make it a link up... I'm not really sure how to do that though lol.  Happy Monday!!


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  1. Not going to lie, I'm a little jealous you have Hunter boots but how lame that it got judge-y up in there :/