You know that old saying, 'In like a lion, out like a lamb', well I'm sure hoping it's true. This week has been a rough one in our house. Nora was sick first with a cough, so we took her to the walk-in, only to be told it was viral - so basically nothing you can do other than Tylenol and Advil. Then Annika got sick. So sick, that we spent a boatload of time in Emergency at Children's Hospital.

By the time we actually got in to see the doctor, the average wait time was 2 hrs 30 minutes and the longest someone had been waiting was almost 5 hours. Turns out, poor girl has croup. So we are all still sick in our house (even hubby and I now too).

And to top it off, this was our weather this morning (I provided both Celsius on the left and Fahrenheit on the right lol):

Bloody. Freaking. Cold.

So here's hoping the weather gets better, the sickies leave our house and that March will be a wonderful month!!

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  1. Ah, I remember living in a place where "cold" did not mean the world stopped. Here, the world shuts down if it's below 10 F.
    Hope you all feel better soon!