Disney On Ice

One of the Christmas presents Nora and I received this year from my in-laws was tickets to Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes.  Nora didn't quite understand what we were going to, at first she thought we were actually going to Disney World lol.  When we got there, she was IN HEAVEN.  And I was in Trouble with a capital T.  My little girl knows how to turn on the charm and try to weasel her way into getting everything she wants - we are SO screwed when she gets older. Lol.

The first set up of souvenirs - they get BEFORE you even walk into the arena, we hadn't even shown our tickets yet and there was a booth.  Nora was dying.

She suckered me into buying her a Tinkerbell magic wand that spins around - Paul gave me a hard time about buying it because he doesn't want "junk" that she won't play with around in the house.  Let me tell you something - this kid has not put this wand down - the first week after we went to Disney On Ice, she wanted to sleep with it.  That's how much she loves this magic wand.

Mickey Mouse Water Bottle with Lemonade that Mommy couldn't say no to.

Decked out in her Princess dress with her necklace and 
the "free" crown from her $12 bag of Cotton Candy.

Showing off her dress for me.

Waving to Minnie Mouse.

Holding hands with her boyfriend :)

Trying to do a selfie but she wanted the wand in the picture too lol.

Waving to Tinkerbell!

It was honestly an awesome experience and Nora absolutely loved it.  She wants to go to Disney now.  And learn how to figure skate.  And have Minnie and Tinkerbell over to our house for pancakes and a tea party.  Sometimes, I get all teary-eyed watching her experience these things because she just loves them so much and is just so in the moment.  I forget how to do that sometimes and she really helps me to slow down and just enjoy the little things.  I love her to pieces.

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  1. We went this year too. It was awesome.

  2. I love this post....I kinda want that wand that spins around ;-)

  3. HOW CUTE!! This looks like so much fun!

  4. So cute! We thought about taking the boys too, but then forgot lol