Yellow ribbon gala

Every year in here, there is a fabulous event called The Yellow Ribbon Gala - it is to support our city's Military Family Resource Centre.  This year, we were able to make a weekend of the event, we rented a hotel room where the Gala was being held, got a babysitter who came to watch the girls at the hotel (so I could still run upstairs to feed Annika), and had an amazing time.

Nora and I posing in the mirror. My friend Randi came to the hotel
to do my hair, and also did Miss Nora's hair too!

Nora making faces in the mirror,

Getting ready to head downstairs!

Selfie with my handsome husband at dinner

The programs for the night.

My handsome husband with two great family friends. 
We've known each other since elementary school.
Paul has known them since birth pretty much lol.
We met at Brynne's (on the right) wedding :)

Me with the lovely sisters.

Photobooth fun with the couples.

Doing shots.  I had just come down from feeding Annika 
and knew she wouldn't be eating until about 3-4am lol. 
And that was the only one I did lol.  
And this is the second bartender we went to, because we got ID'd at the first one.
Brynne didn't have her ID on her, it was in her hotel room. 
I am 31.  She is 29.  We got ID'd. 
We weren't sure if we should laugh, or cry lol.

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  1. You look so pretty!! Love the dress! Glad y'all got to have fun!