The sickies invade...

So we are all still sick.  Seriously.  This winter has been rough on us but we are trying our best to manage and maintain our health.  Poor Annika seems to be getting the worst of it but I think *knock on wood* that we are starting to come out of the bad part.

And now here are some pictures of the Sickies from the past month lol.
Watching the Canada Gold Medal Hockey Game super early in the morning - this was right before Annika got croup - so she still looks not bad, just Nora is sick here. 
The start of feeling yucky for the little Miss.
Movie party on the living room floor to feel better.
Annika pre-nap
Annika napping.
Annika starting to feel better and playing with her jingle bells.

I forgot how much sick babies can take out of a Momma.  But since we are hopefully on the mend, I will be back to regularly scheduled blogging routine shortly.  I hope.  We will see lol.

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  1. Boo to sickies... I am glad y'all are starting to feel better! Hope it continues to go upwards.

  2. I am SO thankful that (so far) the kiddies haven't gotten what I have. Glad yall are on the mend!