Resolutions and a March update

So I’m a little bit behind in talking about February’s goals and telling you what my goals are for March, but as I blogged yesterday I am trying very hard to get back on track now.

Here’s a reminder of February’s goals:
1.   Make dayplanner
2.  Follow blog calendar
3.  Make Valentine’s with Nora and Annika
4.  Have Stampin’ Up! open house
5.  Make 40 hair tie packages
6.  Earn 400 Swagbucks
7.  Make 10 cards.

And here’s how I did:

1.   Not even close.  I got frustrated and then couldn’t decide what I wanted.
2.  I followed for the first half of the month, then everyone got sick and all plans were out the window.
3.  DID IT!  And even mailed them.
4.  Nope.
5.  Nope.
6.  Nope.
7.  I made 6 cards.  So 60 percent completed lol.

Now here are my March goals:

1.   Earn 300 Swagbucks I decided to start smaller in hopes of making this goal.  If you are interested in joining Swagbucks check it out here
2.  Hold Stampin’ Up Open House it’s actually scheduled for March 23 and there’s a facebook event so no going back now lol.
3.  Make 10 cards.
4.  Decorate for St. Paddy’s Day
5.  Consistently Meal Plan
6.  Make Lenten Plans
7.  Make Dayplanner I WILL get this one done.

So there you have it my March goals.  Hopefully I will do better this month than I did last month lol.

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  1. The fact that you even MAKE goals makes you one step ahead of me :)

  2. I swear, every time I make a plan to get more organized or have a list of things I want to get done, someone gets sick and it all falls apart! Don't be hard on yourself - ticking one thing off your list is awesome enough :)