This week I am linking up with Randalin and Lindsey for Currently!

I love this link up - this week's words are:  

 hoping, wondering, working, wearing, eating

I am:

Hoping - that the sickies are finally leaving our household.  I am also hoping that my Stampin' Up! Open House next weekend does well - I would like to be able to finally contribute to our income soon.  Since my mat leave finally ended.

Wondering - if the girls and I will be heading down South soon.  We are waiting to hear if my Dad will be able to drive down with us and then that means almost 3 weeks of sunshine in Georgia :)

Working - on being happier and cleaning my house from top to bottom.

Wearing - yoga pants.  It's my wardrobe when I'm a home, sometimes I dress up to go out lol.  Also, my Hunter boots - because it goes from snowy, to slushy, to icy, to slushy, to snowy all in one day here lol.

Eating - well I just ate a banana but I am craving all the chocolate in the world.  Thank you PMS.  

Thanks for dropping by my little space on the world wide web - hope to see you again soon!!!

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  1. 3 weeks of sunshine sounds incredible! In fact, I'll take 3 hours of sunshine at this point.

  2. I hope you're all feeling better!

  3. Three weeks of sunshine does sound pretty great right about now.

  4. Hunter boots have been a wardrobe staple here too, for months now. Even though the sun is coming out here everything is water and mud under foot so they're still in daily use for dog walks. Wishing you 3 weeks sun in Georgia - that sounds glorious.