Bring Your Own Cup Day

Well the first official day of Spring was yesterday.  And here in Manisnowba lol, it does NOT feel like Spring at all yet.  We still have a ton of snow everywhere and it's still very cold with windchills and freezing temperatures.  BUT to make the first day of Spring more fun, 7-11 was offering Bring Your Own Cup Day.  So, for $1.49 you could bring your own cup to fill with Slurpee :)  How fun is that??

We had Creative Tots in the morning and then we picked Daddy up from work, went home to get our creative containers and then headed to our local Sev.

Here is Miss Nora - the bottom right picture is standing outside of the 7-11 with her teapot.  Top Right is getting ready to pick her flavours of Slurpee and then the left hand picture is holding Daddy's Milk Jug full of Slurpee.

And here is Nora and her Daddy posing for their Slurpee picture.  And no worries, Nora did not actually drink that much Slurpee, I transferred a VERY small amount to her own cup when we got home, she didn't even drink all of it lol.  But it was the experience that was fun.

*Disclaimer - I was not compensated for these Slurpees nor did 7-11 ask me to write about this.  We just did this as a SuperFun family day.*

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  1. Love this... so neat!! And the teapot is awesome!

  2. That is adorable, the teapot is so clever and funny!