Monday's Tea Time

Welcome to Tea Time!  

Today - instead of stressing out about life which I'm currently doing - I'm going to share a funny little story my Mom told me about church yesterday.

I'm a member of the Catholic Women's League of Canada and we are doing a Soup and Bun Fundraiser every Sunday after Mass during Lent.  So, I ducked out of the church service early to make sure our soup was ready to go and I left both Nora and Annika with Grandma and Grandpa.  They were a little crazy, as per usual, and after Mass, my Mom apologized to the couple who had been sitting next to them.  The lady told my Mom it was no problem at all, and that they hadn't even realized that Annika was there in her carseat the entire time.  My Mom then mentioned how nice it was to be able to spend time with them and how it was going to be hard when they leave.  The lady looked at her kind of funny, and then my Mom continued on saying how Paul was in the military and that we would be posted out within the year possibly.  And the lady said, "OH..oh, so you're the grandparents??"  She thought that my parents were Nora and Annika's PARENTS!!!!  My mom wasn't sure what to think of this conversation lol.  She told me about it today.  She said that she was happy, because it meant that Nora and Annika are super comfortable with them and they listen to them.  And it also meant that she looked young enough to have to SMALL children lol.

So on that note - enjoy your Monday and don't forget to wash your face every night and moisturize - that's my Mom's secret :)


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  1. Haha! That is such a great little story! My mom would be pretty over the moon at someone thinking she was young enough for small kids. :)