Road Tripping

One cold, COLD, COLD, COOOLD spring morning - we piled into the van with Grandpa and Mr. Dan for a little (so not little) road trip. 

 This is Nora and I at 7am.  Pretty chipper little gal for it being so early lol.
This little gal was not so chipper - she was sleepy.
Eating some carrot rice cakes for a mid-morning snack.
Learning how to have a Squeezie pack on her own!!
My little gal is getting SO big!
Big sister enjoying her own Squeezie Pack.
The best entertainment in the world - Mommy's empty pop bottle
Just calling Daddy on her new Frozen cellphone.
The view from my seat :)
Passed out baby.
Making more phone calls!

The actual trip itself was pretty good.  It was a LOOOONG two days to get down here, but boy, it was completely worth it :)  I am loving the sunshine and the heat and the All Americaness of everything.  I'll update more when I have time, but between driving Auntie Danie to and from work, picnic lunches, playing at the park, going for walks and going shopping - it might be hard lol.  Happy Hump Day!!

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