Cherry Blossom Festival Friday

So my vacation posts are going to be super picture happy lol. I love taking pictures but even more so on holidays. This is also giving me some incentive to do some major scrapbooking when I get back home.

So the big attraction in Macon in March is their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Friday was supposed to be a super fun day going to the outdoor market and having food truck fun for lunch, unfortunately Mother Nature did not cooperate with us and it poured down rain. Thank goodness the Pink Festival was still taking place at Terminal Station.

Here's Nora waving at the Pink Puppy. It was so cute!

The Pink Puppy sitting nicely for Nora.

Nora trying to grab food lol.

Enjoying her pink cupcake.

Eating the icing off of Mommy's pink cupcake. Don't mind the awful picture of me lol.

Dancing with her pink cup and her cherry chocolate chip ice cream cone.

Watching the piano player with Auntie Danie.

Meeting the Pink Puppy.

My cupcake.

Annika and Nora in the playroom at Auntie Danie's work. Annika slept through pretty much the entire time at the Pink Party. But the girls had a blast in the playroom. It was so cute to watch them actually play together.

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