My Military Children

I'm a few days late in posting this (because we were away on vacation!) but I wanted to link up with Kate from Daffodil's to talk about my Military Children.

My two little girls - Nora and Annika - sisters and hopefully best friends one day.  If you ask Nora right now, they are best friends even though Annika takes her toys lol.

Both Paul and I are "Military Brats."  Our Father's were both in the RCAF for our entire lives.  We were actually even posted to some of the same places (not always at the same time) and never met until my friend Brynne's wedding.  The picture below is Paul, with my Dad on the far left and his Dad on the far right at Paul's Commissioning Ceremony at the Royal Military College of Canada. 

 Nora loves her Daddy's uniform and always talks about how proud she is of him and that he flies in airplanes.  It's really cute.  Every time she sees a plane in the sky, she looks up and says - Is that one of Daddy's planes??
(above) Paul's Graduation
 (below) Paul's Commissioning

 Even now, Nora loves to wear Paul's wedge.

To Nora - her Daddy has always been a Daddy in uniform.  We were SO very blessed the first two years of her life that he was in school and was able to spend so much time at home with her.  Even now, we are extremely blessed because our first posting was to my "hometown" aka where Grandma and Grandpa still live lol.  It's awesome to have my parents here and to have my girls get to know them so well.  It's definitely going to be hard in October when Paul graduates and we may get posted away.   But for now, we are taking advantage of the free babysitting and the wonderful memories being created with them.

 We have made some amazing friends along our journey's so far.  And so have our daughters.  I hope that they will make friends like I did.  Like my friend, Brynne - we met in grade 4 when we lived down the street from each other in military housing.  We are still good friends, I met Paul at her wedding and next weekend she and her husband will become Annika's godparents.  My favourite thing when we moved when I was younger was staying penpals with my friends.  Obviously the internet makes that WAY easier now - but I hope that my girls will be able to do that too.
 Nora saying goodbye to some of her first friends - our prenatal class kids.

April is the month of the Military Child.  The Military Child is strong, resilient, adaptable, and so much more.  It is my hope that my children will grow up to love this crazy life we lead and the adventures it will take us.  Someone once told me, life is what you make it - my attitudes and actions will help mold my children's opinions of the Military lifestyle.  It's going to be a fun adventure and I'm sure we will have an amazing journey together as a family.

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  1. I don't know if I have ever told you this... but I love having a friend associated with the Canadian military. It's so cool to see! And you and the girls are so lucky to live near family during this time in your life!

  2. I love this! I've never known anyone who is part of a Canadian military family. It's neat to see the similarities and differences between the American military and military from another country. Found you from Kate's link-up. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for linking up! That is crazy that you guys were stationed in some of the same places as children. It is definitely nice to be near family! We feel the same way about right now