Monthly Goal Recap


So we will do a little monthly recap of last month’s goals:

1.     Earn 500 Swagbucks – done like dinner – I earned 300 more than I wanted to!  YAY ME!
2.  Make Meal Plan and Follow It – we also did this one with no problems, it was nice to know what we were having for dinner all month long.  It made prep way easier and grocery shopping super easy too.
3.   Make Blog Plan and Follow It – FAIL.  I barely blogged last month – I’m trying to do better this month though.
4.  Make Social Package for Natasha and Scott – I completed this and had it done before their Social so I would consider that a Super Win.
5.  Choreograph One New Dance – I was so focused on Recital and learning my dances that I didn’t have time to do any choreography last month.  I did however find several songs I would like to use.
6.   Organize Front Hallway – I completed this task and I am SO happy about that lol.  Our entrance way is actually nice and tidy now AND all of the winter stuff has been put away, no more boots, hats or mitts to look at lol.

Now onto June’s goals!

1.     Make it to 2500 Swagbucks to earn a PayPal gift card. This one shouldn’t be too hard to do I’m super close to it already, I’m hoping to get at least one gift card every two months.
2.  Meal plan the month again.  I loved how organized I felt doing this and I would like to continue it.
3.   Make a blog plan and stick to it.  So far I have blogged every day this month – not necessarily the best blogging but I have posted something every day so far.
4.  Plan Nora’s 3rd Birthday Party.  A word of caution to all parents, don’t ask your two year old what type of birthday party they want – it’s changed like 6 times in the past two days lol.  It’s mostly narrowed down to a Frozen Princesses and Superheroes party.  Most likely we will go with just Frozen.
5.  Clean Dining Room.
6.   Host Stampin’ Up Catalog Launch.  The new catalog was released on June 2 so I’m hosting a launch party and I’m hoping to drum up some new business!
7.  Go through one dresser in the bedroom.  Between Paul and I, we have three dressers, I’m sure I don’t need all of the clothes I have and now that I’m no longer in maternity anything (except my yoga pants because they are still so comfy lol) I need to get rid of some of this stuff, or at least put it into storage bins.

There you have it. My lovely June goals.  Hopefully I can get them all completed this month!

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