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Grateful Heart linkup w/ Ember Grey

So I realized after starting this, it was a Monday link up, but I really like it, so even though it's Wednesday, I thought I would link up anyways :)

My Husband
I am so grateful for a loving, caring husband who has the same goals as me.  A husband who supports the things I love to do.  A husband who is wonderful with our children.  He is everything I could have ever wanted and so much more.

My Children - Nora and Annika
These two girls are my world.  They teach me so much about myself every day.  And they are pretty cute too.  The two of them make me want to try harder at everything I do so that they try harder too.  I want so much for them to succeed in life at whatever they dream to do.  Nora tells me she wants to be a dancer and a Mommy and a chef.  Or at least that's what she wants to be today lol.  Annika is so full of sass and spunk - she challenges me on a regular basis (and she's only one - my world is going to be crazy as she gets older) but even her craziness makes me happy.

My family
Once upon a time, I didn't really talk to my parents or my sister.  Let's just call that the dark phase of my life.  And I really regret it.  They are my foundation essentially.  I love them all to pieces and couldn't imagine a life without them.  I'm already getting super sad thinking of the chances of us being posted away from them, it's been such a treat being here for the past year with my parents only a phone call away.

So many other things 
Honestly, I am very grateful for most things in my life right now.  My husband has a steady job, we are all healthy, we are all happy (at least our immediate family is lol) and I don't have anything that I necessarily "need" or even want.  Life is pretty darn good right now.

Thanks to Ember Grey for hosting this awesome link up!!

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  1. Hey Karen!! I'm SO glad you linked up! :) Even though it *starts* on Monday- the linkup lasts until Friday and I am always encouraging people to join mid-week, so you just made my day! ha! This is one of my most favorite ways to meet new people & I'm so excited to get to know you better thru your blog. I hope you have a great rest of the week!