So I might be a little bit late with my first post during the lovely month of October but today is "what would you do if you won the lottery?"

First things first (fyi - I totally sang that in my head lol). I would pay off all debts that we have (our van loan)'and I would put money aside for a new house. 

Then I would put away enough money for each of the girls to attend school for four years wherever they would like to go. 

After that I would take a spa day in Jamaica. Ok, spa week. And while I was there I would decide which charities I would donate to. I would give a bunch of money to our local Military Family Resource Centre because they have been awesome to us. I would also give money to battered women's shelters here in the city. 

I would then pay off my parents mortgage and my in laws mortgage. And give money to my sister to be used for a large event that I want to happen for her but I can't control when it will happen. She knows what I'm talking bout lol. I would buy Paul whatever car he wants (it changes on a regular basis - the last car he said he reeeeeeally wanted was a porche of some sort I think lol). 

And then I would relax, I would just keep living like we do now, but I wouldn't stress about money anymore lol. 

I'll edit this in the morning to include the links to #blogtober. I love my iPad mini button sometimes it makes blogging difficult lol. 

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  1. I loved the idea of this post even though I didn't participate. We would definitely pay off everything (houses), travel, and know that we could pay for our kids to go to the schools we want them too.