Oh Hey September!?!?!

So it's September now... say what?!?!?!?  Where did my summer go?

So instead of recapping summer stuff right now, we will just jump right into September with my new list of goals lol.

September Goals

1.  Organize craft area.  This is a major must do on my list, it's a wreck in my basement and I need to get it cleaned lol.

2.  Change Annika's crib to a bed.  This one makes me cry a little but since she can now climb out of things, we may as well switch her to a big girl bed, and then maybe both she and her sister will be able to sleep in the same room!

3.  Go through the girl's dresser and closet.  With the possibility of a posting in the very near future or at least a move in houses, I need to get things organized in their room.

4.  Plan and hold a Card making event.  I have one scheduled for September 30.  Hopefully the turn out is as good as the last one I had.

5. Host a fall launch for Jamberry.  The new catalogues were released today and they are awesome.  I'm super pumped to be involved with Jamberry.

6.  Bake cookies.  I haven't baked all summer because it's been so hot and we don't have AC.  I can't wait for the weather to cool down just a teensy bit so I can bake :)

7.  Clean off the desk in the office.  We have our new furniture in the dining room/office and the desk has become a dumping ground lately.  I want to clean it off and start to get all of our paperwork organized (again, in case of an upcoming move).

Hope y'all had a wonderful Labour Day Long Weekend, we enjoyed a lot of quality family time which was super nice!

I plan to blogging regularly again now that it's fall and hopefully things slow down a little bit (who am I kidding - it's never a slow, dull day around here!! Lol).

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  1. Haha good luck with your goals girl.. that last part had me giggling.