Monday blues... oh wait it's Tuesday already

Ever have one of those days... between BOTH children giving me attitude today and not being able to get anything done, it has been a very frustrating and trying day for this Momma. 

Let's start with Miss Annika - poor little dear is getting her molars in the back, and she is miserable because of it.  We are also hitting the "I only want Mommy phase" which, while it is nice, is also quite annoying.  Paul hates that she won't spend time with him and that she only wants me, I can't help it though, if I could hand her off to him - I totally would.  So there is very little sleep happening here.

Miss Nora goes from sweetness to sassypants in no time.  I love that she is learning in school and that she is growing and becoming her own little person.  I just wish that sometimes it wouldn't include so much sassyness or breakdowns.  She's also having a rough time with Annika needing the Mommy time and always wants to be with me now too (another sore spot for Paul).  I'm ready for this week to be done (and still no posting news, ugh).  Any chance I can fast forward to Friday night when Nora *might* have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's??? :)


Hope your Tuesday was fabulous!

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  1. Oye. Hope yall have some fun plans for this weekend! Sorry the girls are giving you the blues.