Oh Hey Friday!!

Just poppin' in for a little "Oh Hey Friday" :)

1.  The goodbyes are getting real.  Friends were packed up today and are already in their hotel tonight.  Insert sad face here.  Nora is starting to get upset that some of her best friends are leaving.
Today we talked about why Sam and Daphne have to move away and why they can't stay and play and maybe live in our basement instead of moving away.  Next up will be Owen and James and Jacob.  And they ALL leave next week.  No one ever said being a Military Brat was easy.  And this week has made me appreciate my Mom and everything she did for us growing up, because it couldn't have been easy on her either.

2.  The crazies.  The crazies are out.  And by crazies, I mean the people that annoy me lol.  I have no other way to describe them and some of them may or may not read this blog (at this point, I'm not sure how many people are still around - other than Amanda :)  Thanks for still reading!!).  But the crazies are generally the people who complain about every little thing in life.  And do the whole woe is me act.  I'm kind of over it.  I know I complain, don't get me wrong, that's kind of how I deal with things sometimes, but I try not to be super negative 24/7 because that just brings a person down.

3.   I'm getting a new BBQ this weekend.  Well, Paul is.  Let's be honest, I don't do grilling.  I could if I tried and I have before, but the thing I love about summer and BBQ's - is that I don't have to do the cooking lol.  Anyways, the BBQ of his dreams is on sale this weekend, so I've decided to be a lovely wife and we're going to get it.  It's a Weber Genesis.  I don't know if that means much.  But he gets googly-eyed when he talks about it.  It's pricey *like REALLY pricey* but his/my reasoning on getting it, we bought at cheapy $169.99 special at Canadian Tire last year because we needed a new BBQ and the bottom has already rusted out (thank you Canadian winters! lol).  So we are going to spend the money, get a nice one, and hopefully it will last at least until we get posted out of here in 4-5 years lol.

4.  Friends of ours just had an adorable baby girl last week and now I have baby fever again big time.  So I went shopping and bought a super cute gift for her from the Disney store.  They are super huge Disney fans (they do the cruise almost every other year), so I thought it was fitting.  I also snagged Nora some new sandals for only $4.99 on clearance.  I do love a good deal. 

5.  We finally checked out the library by our new house today (after our lunch playdate).  And it's super nice.  Their children's section is the whole basement of the building, and when we were there, it was just us so it didn't matter that the girls were being a little bit on the loud side.  Nora doesn't quite get the concept of indoor voice yet lol.  We checked out a whole bunch of books for the girls and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to go there on my own to look at books too.  Maybe next Thursday when they are at childcare for the day lol.


Hope y'all have a great weekend!! 

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  1. Haha I'm still here! :) I too can't stand the crazies. Surely your life isn't that rough that you must complain about it ALL the time?! Anyway hope the goodbyes go easier.. not looking forward to the age where Grace realizes what is going on..