Thursday's are for BBQ's

I love being a military spouse. I also love volunteering for the Military Family Resource Centre here. I wasn't too involved at our last posting, mostly because I had a not so great experience at their MFRC and because RMC students weren't really considered 'part of the base' so it felt very separated when you went to MFRC events once they found out or realized what your husband did. Anywho, that's off topic lol. 

One of the awesome things the MFRC does here is summer BBQ's. They happen on the second and fourth Thursday of the month during June, July and August. Today - a local company sponsored the BBQ. So not only was it great food - it was free for everyone who came out. So while I feel like I really did nothing all day - that's not quite true, I volunteered and had a great time. I seriously love volunteering here. If you are a mil spouse in Canada - check out your local MFRC - they can be a huge help to you and they have awesome programming (ours is having an adult coloring night later this month!!!) 

Emergent Biosolutions - the company who sponsored today's BBQ. 

Me doing some volunteering in the sun :)


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  1. Yay, go you lady!!! Sounds a lot like our MWR.