Almost March Break.....

As some of you may know, one of my many jobs is dance teacher. Normally I LOVE my job and the kids I teach, but lately with being preggers, it's getting much more difficult to teach (mostly the get up and down off of the floor lol). So I am BEYOND happy to state that I teach on Saturday morning and then I have AN ENTIRE WEEK OFF!!! That's right folks, it's actually an entire 8 days of NO dance teaching whatsoever. I'm not gonna lie, definitely looking forward to it lol.

As for the no TV, I'm on Day 2 and doing great. Panda Man's been awesome too, he only watches it in the mornings when I'm still in bed or in the afternoon when I'm working and he's home by himself. He's a pretty awesome feller. I've started to lay out some craft projects that need to be worked on, the most important of those being the thank-you cards for my baby shower that is happening in 3 weeks. We finally have a location for it, so everything is falling into place. I obviously don't have to do anything really to help with it, but I want to make my own thank-yous, and I also found these cute little candle things I want to do for the people that attend.... but supposedly there will be over 50 people coming.... we'll see how adventurous I get.


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