MOC Weekend

So this weekend is MOC weekend at RMC... I'm not sure what MOC stands for exactly, all I know is that it meant I had to pick someone's drunk bum up at 11:30 last night and that made for a not happy pregnant lady lol. But the one perk I have learned so far out of this year's MOC weekend is that the posting back to Winnipeg is a STILL A FULL POSTING!! You have no idea how happy that makes me. We were a bit worried because there was talk of changing it to a 9 month course, with no posting and no IR. That would mean me and Baby Bear alone in Ontario for 9 months (with possibly a second Bear in the mix lol) and Panda Man in Manitoba with MY family. A little bit unfair?? I think so lol. We also found out that his MA (which is like a Career Manager but a little bit different because supposedly they can't have a CM until they graduate from RMC) has been "tracking" him and watching his progress and his grades at RMC and everything since he was enrolled in the program - creepy or cool? I'm not sure which lol.

Pregnancy is going okay. Had my last real doctor's appointment on Wednesday - after this I get to go to the hospital and see my OB. Heard Baby Bear's heartbeat - a good solid 144 - BB didn't dodge the instrument this time so we heard it right away - but then BB kicked and moved as per usual. This child does not want to be seen or heard (but has NO problem kicking me and waking me up at 3am lol). My Dad did the needle thread test to see what we're having - he's only been wrong once out of about 15 babies, but it was the last baby that he did it for that he was wrong with. I'm okay with the results. But I'm not gonna post them - it's a secret lol. As for baby names - SHEESH, how the heck do you come up with a name that's going to stay with your baby forever?? This name will shape their life. And we can not decide on anything that we both like lol. Any suggestions????

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