Thursday morning...

So after a wonderful week of getting + 8 hours of sleep per night, Nora is back to waking up every 3-4 hours for a feeding. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, it was a glorious week lol. I keep wondering and worrying that maybe its my fault - maybe she's not getting enough milk, maybe it's something we are doing or not doing. Oh the guilt of being a parent lol.

I'm also sick right now. I went to the doctor on Wednesday to finally get checked - I have a weird rash thats all over my body, mostly on my hands. Turns out I have this weird syndrome called Gianotti-Crosti and it's caused by a viral infection. Nothing I can do about it and it only takes 2 weeks - 6 months to disappear, no biggie. It's super itchy though. So I can take Benadryl or Reactine and I have a steroid cream prescription but everything must be taken in moderation because I am still breastfeeding. My doc suggested formula feeding Nora for a week and taking a higher dose prescription to stop the itching- I will suffer through the itching thank you very much. I love breastfeeding and I love being able continue that - I'm not risking it just to "help" with the itch.

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