Friday 5

It has been a rough week in the Otter Household.  And no, our last name is not Otter but since Paul is in Otter Sqn at the college - that's what I like to call our household lol.  Hopefully I can come up with 5 things today because my brain is shot.

1.  Canadian Health Care - Nora is sick.  It started off as a stuffed up nose on Tuesday, moved to her throat on Wednesday and by yesterday my little 5 month old was grabbing her left ear like crazy.  So we called our doctor's office at 4:55pm (they close at 5pm) and we have an appointment for her today at 1:45pm.  I'm happy that they were able to fit us in so quickly and I'm thankful that we don't have to pay for her to see a Doctor.

2.  Christmas Cookies - Every year I try to organize a Christmas cookie exchange.  We had it last night - 8 people signed up and only one person dropped out last minute (for a pretty good reason too).  So all the girls came by and we exchanged our cookies and I now have 8 dozen different types of delicious cookies/sweets.  I almost wish I had waited until closer to when our company gets here for Christmas because I don't know if these will all last that long lol.  I'm thankful that I have so many friends that are willing to participate in my crazy things and thankful that I was able to have an evening of good times :) 

3.  Friends - this week was a rough week sleep wise, brain wise and emotion wise.  And I am so thankful for the great friends that I have here, they definitely helped keep me sane and made me feel better even when I was stressed out and worried about things.  

4.  Family Recipes - I am thankful that my family has recipes that it hands down through the generations - my shortbread recipe, our tortiere recipe, our stuffing recipe.  It makes me happy and I am so thankful that I am able to follow the recipes too lol.  Because the tortiere recipe says - add seasoning til it tastes right - no measurements, just until it tastes right lol.

5.  Snow - it snowed overnight here.  FINALLY.  I still can't believe that it's December 9 and we just had snow.  It's only about an inch of snow but still, the ground is covered in white :)  It will probably all melt later this weekend though because the temperature is going back up above freezing.  But it's nice for a little bit.

Well I'm off to get lunch ready and then to take Nora to the Doctors office, hopefully everything goes well.  Hope everyone else has a wonderful Friday!!

~*~ K ~*~

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  1. Hope Nora is feeling better! =)

  2. We've had snow in Cold Lake since just before Halloween. But you can still see some grass in areas. It's going to be a cold, windy, dry winter, without much snow :( Btu at least we have some!