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I'm linking up for Miscellany Monday.... and I have no idea if I'm doing it right lol.

Our Christmas tree is up and decorated but I feel as though it's missing something and that makes me sad.  I don't know what to add to it though.

We had our first "Christmas" party of the season yesterday.  It was with our prenatal class.  And I can't wait to put the pictures of the babes on my computer.  They were SO cute all dressed up in their Holiday Best.  And they were all so well behaved too!

I'm trying to find wedding hairstyles.  Failing miserably.  Is it wrong that I don't really care how my hair looks???

Nora is feeling better!! YAY!  No ear infection for her, she's just got a cold.  And a build up of wax in her ears.  And she's teething and it's common to grab their ears when they are teething.  Never knew that.

I've never linked up before.  I'm nervous yet excited.  I hope that I do this right.

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  1. You might try adding some tinsel. I always do and I can't imagine my tree being nearly as sparkly without it. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing your randomness. I enjoyed!