365 Week 7

Linking up with Laura from Between the Lines for week numero 7!!!

Sunday - I made Party Popcorn (found here via Pinterest) for Brandi's baby shower.  They know they are having a little boy.  It was such a great shower, especially because it was a surprise and she had NO clue :)

Monday - playdate at Pam's house, where we dressed Nora up in her tutu and headband made by Kaydee Crafts.  That's my new business... which will hopefully take off sometime in the near future lol.

Tueday - Happy Valentine's Day - Love Nora.  This is the picture we emailed to all of our family on Valentine's day this year :)

Wednesday - Coffee morning with the Otter wives.  Nora was playing tug of war with Sonny.  It was really cute.

Thursday - We were able to sleep in for a teensy bit on Thursday morning (before Mommy got up to go shopping in Watertown with the girls lol)  and this is how Nora took over the bed lol.

Friday - Daddy's hockey game!!  We spread out our blanket and toys and she had a blast.  Thank goodness the stands are heated at the rink, otherwise it would have been mighty cold lol.

Saturday - Saturday snuggles on the couch with Mommy. 

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