Budget vs Me - Round 1


My enemy. Lol.
Not really my enemy, but I sometimes get frustrated because I wish I could just spend whatever I want.  But with my maternity ending and that beautiful government paycheque disappearing – I’m starting to get worried about money.  It seems like that is always one of the biggest worries people have nowadays.  I think it’s because so many people live beyond their means (us included).  We don’t have to go out to dinner, I don’t have to go to Stars and Strollers, we don’t have to go for drinks with friends.  There are lots of ways we can start to cut back (and let me tell, that will be starting MAJORLY next month lol).  I have one month and 20 days left of Mat leave.  So if I don’t go back to work, we will be out $800 per month (which in all reality boggles my mind because I don’t feel like I made that much money in a month working… but that’s just me lol).

My new project right now is Meal planning and food budgeting.  I follow a couple of “budget” blogs and they have such awesome ideas for couponing and great stuff like that – WHICH WE DON’T HAVE HERE IN CANADA.  It’s really frustrating.  However, many of the grocery stores are starting to price match – and it’s saving me a BOATLOAD of money.  For 3 weeks in March our food budget went from $125/week to spending only $220 for the 3 weeks.  I hope that I can keep that up for April, my goal is to get our food budget to $75-$100 per week.  We buy most of our meat in bulk from Costco so that lasts us quite some time and now that I’m a price matcher, I watch for good deals at the different stores. 

Granted, I ruined our great streak by spending $40 at Michael’s on Tuesday, and $20 at Homesense and $40 at Walmart on frivolous things that we didn’t REALLY need.  But I’m trying to do better.  I find that I shop and spend more when I’m sad or frustrated.  (and these long nights with Nora are leaving me quite frustrated).  But I’m trying to use up the “stuff” I have at home now, and hopefully that will curb my spending for a little while. 

So here is our meal plan for this past week so you have an idea, I only write down dinners because we plan to have enough leftovers for Paul to take for lunch and I usually eat whatever is in the fridge when I remember to eat at the right time (it’s 11am and I just ate my cereal lol).  And breakfasts are either cereal or scrambled egg wraps.

Monday – Tilapia & Rice
Tuesday – Crockpot Chicken & Rice (a Pinterest recipe)
Wednesday – Spaghetti & Chicken meatballs & Salad
Thursday – BBQ Pork Chops, Potatoes and veggies
Friday – Tilapia & Quinoa
Saturday – Homemade Pizza
Sunday – Slow cooker Honey Sesame Chicken (Pinterest).

We buy yogurt at Costco when it’s on sale as well, and eggs too (although last week you could get 3 dozen for $5 at Loblaw’s and that was cheaper than Costco!). 

So that’s part one of my budget revamp!  Here’s hoping for a good result.

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