Project 365 - Week 13

Wow, can you believe that we are already 13 weeks into 2012??  Where in the world does the time go?  Anywho, I'm linking up again with Laura from Between The Lines for Project 365 :)

Sunday - My daughter does an awesome Blue Steel.  This was as she was ripping her kleenex to shreds.  It was kind of funny :)

Monday - Nora received a new table from her friends Eden, Lyra and Desmond (and their parents Pam and Colin).  She is IN love with this table, and although she can not sit at it by herself - she wants to constantly lol.
 Tuesday - We pushed our dolly Bianca to the door to meet Daddy when he got home from work.  She's getting close to walking - but still needs my assistance, it makes me happy :)
 Wednesday - I was doing dishes in the kitchen (we have an open concept house) and Nora was rolling around and scooching backwards like usual - and then I didn't see where she was... somehow she managed to get inside her exersaucer.  And she enjoyed it in there lol.
Thursday - It was little Miss Nora's 9 month birthday today - so we had a mini photoshoot.  The pics turned out okay - not great but mostly useable :)
 Friday - Again, she is a backwards scoocher.  She managed to get her chair underneath the kitchen stool, with her under both of them.  Life must be rough lol.
Saturday - we went swimming on base today and we finally remembered to grab a picture of her in one of her swimsuits.  Even though I know you're not allowed to use a camera or phone in the changerooms (but we were inside the stall and not taking pics of anyone else lol).  She was SO excited to go swimming.  She last for about 30 minutes before she got super cold!
And that was our week in pictures :)

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  1. Baby bathing suits make me melt. Especially when they come with such sweet smiles!