Project 365 - week 12!

Linking up with the Lovely Laura over at Between The Lines for another exciting week of Project 365.  It has been VERY nice here for the past week so I've been excited to take pictures outside :) 

Sunday - It's posting season in our neck of the woods (that's PCSing for all y'all Americans lol).  What this picture doesn't clearly show is that on this street alone there were 5 houses for sale already... and it's not even April yet.  April and May are prime House Hunting Trip times for the Canadian Military. 

Monday - I drove up to Ottawa with the little Miss and we went to IKEA!!  My fave store ever.  Thank goodness it's within driving distance.  She absolutely adores riding in the cart now.  And she was super flirty with everyone she saw in the store too.

And the other reason for our Monday trip to Ottawa.  We got someone a big girl carseat.  It made me proud and happy and devastated and sad all at the same time.  It's a 3 in 1 carseat, it starts rear-facing, then goes forward-facing, and then it's a booster seat.  It's good until 140 pounds.  I guess technically that means I could use it too.  What child is 140 pounds and still needs a booster seat??

Tuesday was SO nice out.  So we walked down the street to the park and Nora tried out swinging for the first time.  She liked it, can you tell??  We went to the park twice on Tuesday - once with Zachary (the young guy I watch on Tuesdays) and once with Daddy when he got home from work.

Wednesday was another beautiful day.  We had our weekly tea morning at my friend Tracy's house and Nora wore her pineapple jumper and some superfun Baby Legs.  I love those things :)

Thursday - She's a back scoocher.  And she often gets stuck and then looks at me and smiles.  It's adorable.  And like usual, instead of helping her get unstuck, I take pictures instead hehehe.

Friday - Paul was having a not-so-great day on Friday so I made him Oreo cupcakes.  They were delicious.  So much so that I didn't really take an after picture, only the before lol.  Oh well, I'll make them again.

Also Friday was the beginning of MOC weekend at RMC.  MOC stands for Military Occupation Classification - another name for no weekend at home lol.  It was a semi-good thing because we know his career path after he's done school now!  We went to Tracy's house for pizza with the girls and babies since the guys were all at work, and Nora fell asleep relaxing in Hanna's inner tube.

Saturday was grocery day.  And once again, Nora stole hearts everywhere.  It was cute.  And I'm proud to say our grocery bill for the past 3 weeks was only $220.  Which is down about $100 from what it would normally be AND we have a ton of food in the freezer! Go us!!!

And that's our week!!

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  1. Any tips on saving money when it comes to groceries? So, IKEA... There's a toy there that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want...but it's 4 hours away, and I'm not willing to drive four hours for a 25 $ toy, just to drive 4 hours back. I wish it was available online... It makes me sad :(

    1. Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. And buy things when they are on sale lol. Does the No Frills out there do price matching? Ours does and that's how I save a lot of money. How big is said toy? I might be going to Ottawa again soon and can maybe get it and send it to you :)

  2. The last picture is my fav. Happy girl! I want some of those leg warmers next time I have a kid. It's too hot here now, but man would those have come in handy! :)

    1. We have SO many of the baby legs - Paul hates when there are sales because I always buy more lol. But I love them for her little knees with crawling right now, otherwise she gets carpet burn.