Project 365 - Week 11

Linking up with Laura at Between The Lines for another fun and exciting week of Project 365!!

Sunday - Snuggling with baby in her room.  I love late night snuggles.  She's so warm and cozy.

Monday - It was absolutely gorgeous here on Monday - so we went for a walk.  We have a pathway that goes through our neighbourhood and if you follow the entire thing you will walk 5 kilometres.  It's pretty handy.  And very pretty too lol.  That's our labradoodle Bella, she's still not great on walks but she's only 2 and still very rambunctious.

Tuesday - Our Watertown trip.  It was a blast.  That was our dessert.  Delish!

Wednesday - Tea Morning with the Otter Wifey's.  This mini ball pit is in the basement at my friends house, it's awesome and Nora LOVED it.

Thursday - our prenatal St. Patrick's Day party.  Not the best picture, but I haven't loaded the ones from my camera onto the laptop yet.  Nora was so chill while the other babies were all over the place.

Friday - Nora loves the Backyardigans.  This is how she is every time they come on.  And it was a Friday so we were both in red shirts to Support the Troops.

Saturday - HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!  We made green beer.  And green wine.  It was a great night, we had friends over and we played Cranium.  Love that game.

 Looking forward to next week's link up!

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  1. You sound like so much fun. Can you move here? Love, Mrs. K