Our trip to Watertown.

I love going shopping in the USA.  It's awesome.
Most people don't understand the awesomeness.  That's probably because you don't realize that we can't get certain things up here in Canada that are readily available to you every day down in the States.

This was the view from the middle seat in the van.  It was me and my two girlfriends and Norabear and little Hanna.  I got to sit in the back with the babes.  It was nice :)  To get to Watertown from where we live, we cross this HUGE bridge, then cross the border into NY and then cross another HUGE bridge. The first one the view was nice.

The second one - the view was not so nice - it turned into COMPLETE fog.  It was kind of crazy and intense.  But it makes for a good story for the day.

So things we can't get in Canada (or at least not in the town we live in) - Applebee's.
I heart Applebee's.  There is one in my hometown in Canada.  But not here.
But there is one in Watertown.
And they have shooter desserts.
We shared the cheesecake one.
It was delicious.

Other things you can not get in Canada:

1 - Bugles - any flavour of them.  (and yes I used the Canadian spelling of flavour even though it tells me that I'm wrong on my blogger spellcheck). But especially the Caramel ones.  I love them.
2 - Spring Oreos. and Birthday Cake Oreos. They are all so yummy.  And I can't get them here.
3 - All Keebler Elf cookies.  It's a crying shame.
4 - Yoplait yogurt.  You know the commercials where they talk about Key Lime Pie - yup those yogurts.  And they are good.  And good for you.
5 - Also milk is MUCH cheaper in the States - $2.62 vs our $4.99.  And Cheese is less expensive too.
6.  Cherry Coke.
7. Pillsbury cake mixes.  We don't have them at all.  Oh and the Strawberry flavoured icing.
8.  Chex Cereal.
9. JoAnne's fabrics.  I love that store.
10.  Hobby Lobby.  Also love that store (there isn't one in Watertown, the closest one is in Syracuse but that's only 2 hours away.)

The list could go on and on and on and on.  I mean, we have some great things up here, don't get me wrong - but I like the inexpensive fun groceries and other things I find when I go on my USA excursions.  We've been down once every month so far this year - it's AWESOME :) 

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  1. There were sooo many things that we couldn't get in AK without paying an arm and leg in shipping so I feel your pain. I, too, love Applebees and Hobby Lobby. I don't think I'd make it without the sweets mentioned above! Glad you got to take a little trip south. :)

  2. 4.99??? Oh my goodness gracious! That's absurd!!!!

    Oh also, love me some Applebees (especially that "flavour" of dessert shooter) and Hobby Lobby. I'd die without!

  3. Love this! as a fellow Canadian, I get it! it sucks not having a kolh's or a TARGET! I'm actually go thru target withdrawl.