The Monday Real

Linking up for The Monday Real with Jess and Brittany . It's my first time linking up with them!  Woohoo :)

So we put up our shelf on Saturday night.  It still looks like that.  I have grand plans for it.  None of which have happened yet.  I'm having my prenatal class over on Thursday (I guess they're technically no longer prenatal since we have all had our babes and they are all 8 months old lol) for a St. Patty's Day lunch.  I want to have it done by then.  I hope it will be done.

This is what we did today.  It was gorgeous out, so we took Nora and Bella for a walk - I made them walk ahead of me so I could take a picture to document this.  I think I have a camera problem.  Or an iPhone problem.  I have over 1500 pictures on my iPhone.  It's an issue.

This is my dining room table.  WE JUST ATE DINNER ON IT 2 HOURS AGO.  And yet it is now covered with stuff.  And when I say stuff, I mean the contents of my Christmas present bag.  Yup, that's right folks, I received most of those items over 2 months ago and didn't even take them out of the bag until tonight.... that is an issue.
 So that's my Monday - keeping it real :)

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  1. LOVE:) We have a shelf we built last week when we moved in, and? Still empty. Not sure what to do with it. And I lack the motivation to figure it.

    Thanks for linking up! Welcome:)

  2. I have shelves still sitting in their boxes. From a year ago. I'm awesome like that. At least you got it on the wall.

    And I won't even talk about my dining room table. It's, uh, interesting.