Project 365 - Week 10!

Linking up with Laura from Between the Lines for Week Number 10.  

Sunday - Someone got REALLY tired and fell asleep sitting on the couch so I moved her to laying down and then her paci popped out.  It was adorable!!

Monday - We had a great Monday night, just me and Nora - Daddy was out studying and doing school work.  She's fairly mobile now with rolling but has just learned to push herself backwards.  So she was in her jammies and decided to push herself under the chair.

Tuesday - I went into her bedroom on Tuesday to get her out of bed - she was babbling and I could hear it on the monitor.  This is what I walked in to see.  Guess we need to lower that mattress. 

Wednesday - she was SO happy.  I love happy pictures.  She's been so smiley lately, it's awesome :)

Thursday - she slept in our bed in the morning after we woke up.  And that is Giraffey.  He had an accident. Or at least that's what Nora said lol.  Unfortunately her cloth diaper leaked through onto our bed.  So we had to do a sheet change, and a diaper change and an outfit change lol.

Friday - Playing with her table.  It plays music or sounds or english words or french words.  It's pretty awesome.  Sometimes she stands to play with it and sometimes she sits on her pillow.

Saturday - MY NEW SHELF and sconces.  It may look crooked but the shelf is level - we found out that our ceiling is not level.  But I don't care - I have my self now.  My project list has been started!! WOOHOO!!!
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