Project Time!

Project Time!

So I have a small obsession with lists.  Ok.  It’s a large obsession.  And I have many notebooks that house my lists.  But I thought I would share one of my most recent lists with you.  Because then it helps make me a tad bit accountable.  I will look back and make sure I update whether or not the list has been completed.

So it’s a projects list.  I have MANY unfinished projects and I really need to get on them.  So here goes!

1.   Hang shelf, sconces, and photo frames over couch in living room.
2.  Cover N O R A with scrapbook paper.  And by that I mean the cardboard letters I have.  Not my child lol.
3.  Finish re-arranging bedroom move dressers to other side of room, move bed, change curtains, hang pictures.
4. Make white yarn wreath.
5.  Finish/start our tax return lol.  Or at least get the stuff sent off to our accountant ASAP.  I hope I will be getting some money back this year.
6.  Clean Nora’s room.

Hopefully I can get SOME of this done this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted J

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