It's official - I'm a Soccer/Dance Mom

So I took the plunge yesterday.  I’m starting to sponsor some other blogs in order to generate more traffic on my blog.  That also means I have a PLAN to actually blog WAY more often lol.  So get ready to see more of me in the next few months.

Things are finally about to slow down here depending on what you consider slowing down lol.  I have 3 weeks of work left until I can officially start my maternity leave and you can bet your bippy that I’m starting it as soon as I’m legally allowed to!!  Up here, you can start mat leave 7 weeks before your due date and it lasts for one whole year.  I will have enough hours to claim it thank goodness, there was a bit of a concern for a little bit but I will be over the 600 hours needed.  So as of March 16 I can start my mat leave but the week before that happens to be Spring Break at the dance studio so I actually get to finish teaching on the 9th of March.  I’ll still be working on base at the gym for the last week but that’s easy-peasy work.  I like how I consider no longer working slowing down after I finish working we start showing the house depending on whether or not loverboy has received our Posting Message yet.  So we show and sell the house, get organized, Loverboy heads to Peg City to check out possible living quarters for us I don’t get to go because I will probably have a 2-3 day old baby.  He will come back, graduate from RMC, we will go to the Grad Ball, then the movers will arrive, pack us up, we clean our house, and we travel across country to our new home!  I’m nervous, excited and happy and sad all at the same time.  I will touch on that in a whole separate post it deserves it’s own lol.

On a happy note we are now the proud OWNERS of our Honda Civic we paid it off on Friday with a little bit of help from the parental units.  BECAUSE we bought our minivan on Friday morning.  We have been looking for a van for ages and have had little to no luck, but we found one at a dealership near by and went to check it out on Friday.  Everything about it was awesome it’s a 2008 Honda Odyssey EX-L and it has a sunroof and leather heated seats!!  Two things that I didn’t need but think are totally awesome lol.  Having a mini van is going to make our move so much easier can you imagine moving with a 2 year old, a newborn and a 65lb Labradoodle in a Honda Civic??  Me either lol.  Paul did an awesome job of dealing them down too we saved over $1000 off the asking price.  I’m definitely happy about that.  So our monthly payments are actually only $12 a month more than our car payments were, which is awesome for our budgeting.  Definitely makes Karen a happy camper.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and get ready to see more of me in the near future!!

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  1. Congrats on the new car! Hooray. P.S.- I totally just had to google "bippy". I mean, I did use my context clues, but I just wanted to double check. haha