5 for Five

5 for Five

Linking up Again with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five.  

Here were last week's goals: 
green = complete    purple = half done   red = no such luck.
1.  Blog at least two times this week.

2.  Finish choreographing all of my dances for D.I.M. before I’m done teaching.
3.  Finish my St. Paddy’s Day mantle. 

4.  Wash, dry, and fold all of the clothes in the basement. 

5.  Clean out the closet in Nora’s bedroom. 

Well this week was kind of a bust.  I got sick on Monday night so most things got pushed aside for the week.  Although I did manage to blog twice this week, once on Monday and once on Friday.  I choreographed the majority of my dances before I was finished teaching, except my Tuesday night dances because I was sick so I wasn’t there to teach them.  But they are almost done lol.  I didn’t even touch my mantle.  I did all of the laundry except two loads so that’s actually not too bad either lol.  And I didn’t touch the closet in Nora’s room.  Let’s see if this week can be a better week.

1. Blog at least 2 times this week.
2. Finish my St. Paddy’s Day Mantle
3. Clean out the closet in Nora’s bedroom
4. Make weekly mealplan for this week.
5. Clean out the closet in Paul’s office.

Hopefully this week will be better than last week lol.

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  1. laundry is overrated. I swear by the time I get it all folder and put away, the boys have refilled their baskets with dirty ones! Hope this week was productive!