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5 for Five

Well last week did not really turn out how I had hoped lol.

1. Blog at least 2 times this week. – I blogged once.
2. Finish my St. Paddy’s Day Mantle – finished, took it down before St. Paddy’s Day because we painted the main floor of the house and my shelf was taken down off the wall lol.  So it was a pointless goal I guess lol.
3. Clean out the closet in Nora’s bedroom – Nope, didn’t even open the door.
4. Make weekly mealplan for this week. – I did and we mostly followed it.
5. Clean out the closet in Paul’s office. – Didn’t even step foot in his office this week either lol.

So it was a half and half week.  I blame the fact that we repainted our entire main floor of the house this weekend.  Pictures and a post to come later this week.  I can’t believe how different and WONDERFUL it looks.  I am SO in love with the new colour.

New Weekly Goals!

1.  Clean out master bedroom closet.
2.  Make weekly meal plan (I’m kind of cheating with this one because I already made it yesterday lol but still, the fact that I actually made it and we shopped based on said plan, is AWESOME!!)
3.  Reorganize/Clean main floor of the house.  It’s still in shambles from the great paint of the weekend lol.  And I want to put some pictures up and actually make it look like a pretty house lol.  Although this one might not get fully done because Paul still has to paint all of the baseboards/trim.  Hopefully that will only take one night to do though.
4.  Catch up with the card making challenge.  I tried so hard to keep on top of that, but I’m like a month behind.  I feel really bad about it.  I will catch up this week and then everyone will get a TON of cards from me all at once lol.
5.  Make my Easter shelf in the living room.  Easter is only 2 weeks away!! And that means only 9 days until we go pick my Mom up and she’s here for the Easter weekend!! Woohoo!! I’m pretty excited about that and I want to have everything all decorated before she gets here.

I think my goals are manageable this week.  Or at least I hope they are.  Being 34 weeks pregnant does make some things take longer when I’m doing them.  Also I’ve been having some crazy Braxton Hicks contractions lately which is not so nice but, hey, it’s to be expected at this point in time lol.  I’m still not quite sure when this baby is going to make her arrival.  According to the Dr. Baby A is measuring very small and will now arrive on the 27th of April.  My original due date was the 16th.  That’s A HUGE difference people.  But according to the baby apps I have on my phone I’m still hitting all of the milestones according to the first due date and the first due date was based on my monthly cycle so isn’t that more accurate than size??  What do I know?  I’m not the doctor lol.  So I think Baby A will arrive whenever she wants to.  But I think the long walks we were planning on taking with Nora and Bella are out of the picture for now, that’s when the contractions hit hard lol.  ANYWHO, enough rambling for the moment.  HAPPY MONDAY!!

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