Tuesday Ramblings...

It’s a new font!!  Yippee!!  I love when I download a new font that I think is super cute lol.  Today has been a Very long day for us.  Nora had a really rough night last night and was up several times, and then decided to actually wake up at about 7:30am.  She did however take a nice 3 hour nap but that made her not want to go to bed tonight so she was up about 2 hours past her normal bedtime.  I am not quite sure what is going on with her – but she does not want to sleep in her room and often wakes up and comes into our room.  My only saving grace with that is that we put an air mattress on the floor in our bedroom for her because I can not handle having her sleep in the bed with us anymore.  Being pregnant doesnt leave a lot of room in a Queen size bed.  
I also had a crummy day in regards to teaching stuff.  I’m on mat leave now.  You’d think I wouldn’t have to worry about any of that crap anymore – but I got a nasty email because I didn’t write out the choreography for my Intermediate ballet class.   I’m sorry – they should know that dance and I shouldn’t have to write it out.  I did the studio a favour by making sure all but one dance were choreographed and finished before I went on mat leave.  There are still two and a half months until recital – most other dances are only just started.  SO piss off.  Argh.
On a brighter note – I went through our closet today and have a huge pile of clothes that I’m getting rid of and I managed to fill two rubbermaids full of stuff to store in the garage while we are showing the house (which should be in the very near future).  So that’s one less thing to completely worry about.  My goal this week is to try to do at least one “room” of the house each day (even if the room is a closet lol).
Happy Tuesday to you all – hope your day was sunny and not as snowy as mine lol.

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  1. Yay for maternity leave! Time is flying - I can't believe you're going to have another babe soon :)

    The font is showing up HUGE on my screen! Maybe it's because I have a mac? Not sure.