5 For Five

Linking up Again with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five. 

1.  Clean out master bedroom closet.
2.  Make weekly meal plan
3.  Reorganize/Clean main floor of the house.
4.  Catch up with the card making challenge. 
5.  Make my Easter shelf in the living room.

Well it’s been an interesting week lol.  First of all – I’m late in posting my 5 for Five – but that’s because I forgot it was Monday yesterday.  It was a crazy weekend for us as it was MOC weekend at the College for Paul.  We did get several answers though, and we could be posted as soon as the long weekend in May.  Which has made me stress out a teensy bit… you know, list our house, sell our house, have a baby, he graduates, we move – all within a 6-8 week time period.  No biggie, right??  So onto my goals – Master bedroom was cleaned and looks Amazing!  I’m so happy with it right now, and it’s still clean, which is awesome.  Meal plan was made and we mostly stuck to it – we did change plans on Saturday night because Paul didn’t get home until later.  #3 I did most of the mainfloor – the front hall closet still needs going through as well as the bench in our front hallway.  But it is relatively organized so I’m happy. #4 – I didn’t even touch my card making supplies this week – we were so busy with cleaning and organizing and starting to do our deep clean so our house will be ready to list.  Maybe this week??  And my Easter shelf is made – I want to tweak it a little bit… but I’m not sure with what yet – I plan to peruse Pinterest tonight.

This week’s Goals!
1.       Clean out Front hall closet
2.      Make Easter treats for church.
3.      Organize shelf in basement hall
4.      Make meal plan.
5.      Do some Easter crafts with Nora.
Hopefully I will be able to get this stuff done this week  

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  1. Geeez louise... that is a TON going on all at once. I'm going to send you some extra thoughts!

  2. I love that you keep yourself accountable by posting your goals!