5 For Five

 Linking up for 5 for Five again - with Jen   and Jessica

Soooo, it’s Wednesday already.  I think I didn’t realize what day it was because we had a 4 Day weekend up here.  Well, I’m on mat leave so it doesn’t really matter to me, but Paul had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off of work.  It was awesome to have him home, and we were able to get a Whole bunch done in the house.

1.       Clean out Front hall closet – So this is the only thing I didn’t get done this week, but I did do all of the other closets in the house lol.
2.      Make Easter treats for church. – The CWL ladies came over on Tuesday morning with their kids in tow and we made our Easter jelly bean treats.  I think they were a hit at church too.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to know several other younger Moms that I’ve never met before.
3.      Organize shelf in basement hall – we actually moved the shelf to the bottom of the basement stairs and reorganized it once we moved it.  It looks so much more organized now and it’s much easier to find food now.
4.      Make meal plan. – Made our meal plan and stuck to it last week.  And also had an amazing Easter dinner thanks to Grandma
5.      Do some Easter crafts with Nora. – well they weren’t technically Easter crafts – but she did do painting and colouring several times this past week.

     This week’s NEW goals!
1.       Clean front hall closet – it needs to get done, so I neeeed to do it this week
2.      Go to Shine Dance Competition to watch my students compete – I technically don’t have to go since I’m on mat leave, but I should still support these kids.
3.      Clean the fronts of all appliances in our kitchen (we are getting ready to list the house, so it needs to be in tip top shape).
4.      Clean/Organize the bookshelf in the dining room.
5.      Clean basement enough so that the gray floor is clear – this is what will take the longest probably lol.

Hopefully  I can get this week’s list done – it’s definitely getting harder to do certain things – I can’t bend over as far because Baby A has dropped.  Which I hope means that we are getting closer to her arrival date.  Paul finishes classes on the 12th, then has two weeks with exams, and then we are “supposed” to have the baby, then he goes on a house hunting trip, then he graduates and then we move.  Busy busy busy!!  But it’s fun, and time is flying by lol. 

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